Granules with increased strength GS2

GS2 0.1 – 0.6
Granules with increased strength GS2
Descriptions and a table of characteristics of KERWOOD® foamed ceramic microspheres

A foamed ceramic microsphere of higher strength. It was developed specifically for use in oil and gas production. This article has improved strength characteristics with a granule size of 0.1 — 0.6 mm. It is produced serially, being a standard warehouse item.


Index Fraction, mm
0.1 – 0.3 0.3 – 0.6 0.1 – 0.6
Article GS2 01-03/480 GS2 03-06/420 GS2 01-06/450
Apparent density, kg / m3 480±40 420±30 450±40
Volume (apparent)
density of granules, kg / m3
980±120 920±60 950±80
Compression strength
in the cylinder, MPa, not less than
(GOST 9758-2012, cylinder
diameter 150 mm)
5 4 4.5
Coefficient of thermal conductivity,
W / (m·°K), not more than
0.09 0.087 0.089
Water absorption for
24 hours by weight, %,
not more than
Resistance to silicate
decay, %, not more than
Content of water-soluble
sulphurous and sulphate
compounds, %, not more than
Loss of mass during boiling, %,
not more than
Humidity, %, not more than 0.5
Activity of natural
radionuclides, Bq / kg,
not more than

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Tests in accordance with the Russian State Standard (GOST 9758-2012), except for water absorption;
Determination of water absorption according to DIN 4226-3-2002;
Determination of activity of natural radionuclides according to the Russian State Standard (GOST 30108-94);
Coefficient of compaction is 1.3;
Apparent density is determined with free filling, in the unconsolidated state of the material.



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