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Dry building mixtures of the «warm» series of the company «Favorit» with lightweight porous filler of Kerwood foamed ceramics →

We begin a series of publications about heat-insulating mixtures of the «Favorit» company. Due to their thermal and sound-insulating qualities these materials are capable to be competitive to multilayered, requiring care and attention systems of heat and sound insulation. This article will describe plaster De Luxe® TEPLOLUX, its features, application and basic characteristics.

There is a State Standard (GOST 16381-77) in Russia for heat-insulating materials which establishes general technical requirements for these products. In particular, point 2.2 says that that materials and products can be called heat-insulating, if they have a thermal conductivity not ≤ 0.175 W / m ∙ K and a density of not more than 500 kg/m³. De Luxe® TEPLOLUX has thermal conductivity of 0.065 W / m ∙ K, and density of the plaster does not exceed 500 kg/m³.

Typical scheme for leveling walls using heat and soundproof plaster  De Luxe® TEPLOLUX

  1. Mineral base
  2. Grounding De Luxe®
  3. Building screed
  4. Leveling layer of plaster De Luxe® TEPLOLUX
  5. Paint for facade or interior works

Meanwhile, in contrast to the mineral wool or foam-polystyrene, over time the plaster does not lose its strength, that fact allows to solve most tasks of heat-insulation of walls both inside and outside of buildings. In addition, plaster has good soundproofing qualities (Rw = 33 dB), significantly reducing the level of the background noise.

One of the most important qualities of plaster TEPLOLUX is an absolute incombustibility in the finished form. This characteristic extends application of mixtures in high-building construction, at sites, where there are special requirements for fire security.

High vapour permeability and the minimum value of the water absorption gives durability of the finished plastered surface. Thanks to its porous structure, plaster mixture gives a sanitizing effect (prevents appearance of wall saltpetre and protects the walls against moisture), and also reduces the load on bearing structures up to 70%.

A lot of virtues can be found in the technology of plaster application. Instead of a complex procedure of the so called multi layered «pie» of heaters, plasters, fasteners, grids, etc., you can do with a simple sequence: priming — plastering — the finished coat. This significantly reduces time of work and creates additional savings on logistics.

The key competitive advantage of the plastering mixture of TEPLOLUX is used as a lightweight filling of Kerwood® foamed ceramic spheres — or shortly as foamed ceramics. The filler is a lightweight foam microspheres with a monolithic shell and a finely porous structure under it, similar to a solid soap foam. Kerwood® porous ceramics is made of diatomite: an absolutely environmentally friendly material, it is nothing but petrified algae aged 30 million years.

A special internal structure provides granules of the filler with high mechanical strength: it is, for different fractions, from 0.6 to 12 MPa at compression in the cylinder according to the State Standard (GOST 9758-2012).

Diatomite consists of 65 — 90% of silicon oxide (SiО₂) and stable oxides (Al₂O₃ , Fe₂O₃ and others). That’s why there is no organic material in the foamed ceramics, which makes it absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. Kerwood® granules do not react with any substances, do not burn and do not emit harmful for human products.

In addition, they do not form a nutrient medium for bacteria and mold, do not attract rodents and insects. Kerwood® foamed ceramics is very durable: its service life is at least 100 years, during which the filler does not lose its qualities. Moisture resistance of the granules is quite high: for various serial fractions moisture absorption is from 4 to 7% by weight. A detailed article about Kerwood® foamed ceramics is published in the magazine «Dry building mixtures» № 6, 2017.

Using plaster De Luxe® TEPLOLUX with heat and sound insulation qualities in the construction of a house, repairs and restoration, you save considerable money, and what’s more important you will enjoy an amazing microclimate indoors!

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