Especially durable granules GSU

GSU 0,1 – 0.6
Especially durable granules GSU
Descriptions and a table of characteristics of KERWOOD® foamed ceramic microspheres

A foamed ceramic microsphere of particular durability. It was developed specifically for use in oil and gas production in wells of great depth and high pressure. This article has high strength characteristics with the size of granules from 0.1 — 0.6 mm.


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Index Fraction, mm
0.1 – 0.3 0.3 – 0.6 0.1 – 0.6
Article GSU2 01-03/480 GSU2 03-06/420 GSU2 01-06/450
Apparent density, kg / m3 550±50 480±40 520±60
Volume (apparent)
density of granules, kg / m3
1100±120 1000±60 1020±80
Compression strength
in the cylinder, MPa, not less than
(GOST 9758-2012, cylinder
diameter 150 mm)
11 9 10
Coefficient of thermal conductivity,
W / (m·°K), not more than
0.097 0.09 0.093
Water absorption for
24 hours by weight, %,
not more than
Resistance to silicate
decay, %, not more than
Content of water-soluble
sulphurous and sulphate
compounds, %, not more than
Loss of mass during boiling, %,
not more than
Humidity, %, not more than 0.5
Activity of natural
radionuclides, Bq / kg,
not more than

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Tests in accordance with the Russian State Standard (GOST 9758-2012), except for water absorption;
Determination of water absorption according to DIN 4226-3-2002;
Determination of activity of natural radionuclides according to the Russian State Standard (GOST 30108-94);
Coefficient of compaction is 1.3;
Apparent density is determined with free filling, in the unconsolidated state of the material.



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